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The Language Observatory Project (LOP) sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency and supported by UNESCO, UNDP is a project of the Nagaoka University of Technology in Japan which aims at surveying the use of languages on the Internet as a means of creating public awareness of the 'digital language divide', the so called 'languages falling through the net'.

We are looking for participants from all over the world. Please visit Language Observatory Project and contact us if you are interest to participate in the project.

Thank You

Dr. Yoshiki Mikami (Project Cordinator)

Nagaoka University of Technology


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Language Observatory Project (LOP)

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Astronomical observatory surveys astronomical objects in the universe. Likewise, the Language Observatory surveys language activities in the virtual universe over the Internet.

Astronomical observatory catches the weakest light from stars. Likewise, the Language Observatory tries to catch subtle messages of less spoken languages, as far as they appear in the virtual universe, and provides us such information like:

  • How many languages are found in the virtual universe?

  • Which language is missing in the virtual universe?

  • How many web pages are written by any given languages, say Tamil?

  • How many web pages are written by using Amharic script?

  • What kind of character encoding schemes (CESs) are employed to encode a given languages, say Khmer?

  • Is there any de facto CES standard for any given language?

  • How quickly ISO/IEC10646, or Unicode is spreading and is replacing conventional single byte encoding schemes on the net?

In contrast to the existing multilingual search engines like Google, which can handle only limited number of languages, the Language Observatory is designed to handle every language. But please note that the Language Observatory is not a search engine, but an observation instrument.

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