Attendants: Mikami, Jay, Kamimura, Adam, Arai, Chew, Das, Kodama

Status report:

(1) Arai – Integration of  GLOCOM data, Up-loading, Calculating, Displaying functions.

- To implement calculations which are needed

- To integrate the data

- To transplant the system to MML to make it accessible from GLOCOM

Server will be prepared in 10 days

(2) Chew – Available databases

- How to connect databases with evaluation of domains

(3) Jay – Talk on “Internet and Global Governance

- Relations between Internet Governance bodies: ICANN, ITU, WIPO, etc

- What needs governance? How many components are there in Internet Governance?

- Definitions of elements in Internet Governance

- Which organization is responsible for various elements of Internet Governance, Internet protocols, resources: ISOC, ICANN, ITU, etc. UDRP: WIPO, etc…But for others?

– Prepare simple handout about framework of diverse aspects of Internet Governance

– Visualization of Internet Security

– Integration of multiple aspects of Internet Governance

– Model Framework

– Balancing of elements

– Diversity

Speakers should be nominated by 15th June

Next meeting 18th June at NUT 15:00-18:00, (next 17th July, 18th Sept)

Report on our research and discussing model charter freely

Reports on ccTLDs

Meeting Report from ICANN and conversation with Josh Rowe

Report by Garth Bruen on ccTLD

Kamimura-san’s talk was on ICANN meeting in Sydney. IDN ccTLD was discussed in a public forum. ICANN asked ccTLD holders to pay the fee for IDN installment

Josh Rowe did a comprehensive survey on name space across the ccTLDs and proposes an evaluation framework of goodness of name space labels

From him, we have got a new source for domain name labels

Garth Bruen from reported a survey of WHOIS policy. They evaluate appropriate administration based on some respects: responsibility of the ccTLD administrator, public/private WHOIS, open/closed policy. And new findings from ccTLD price survey by GLOCOM.

Posted on 2009-06-03