Attendants: Mikami, Murakami, Ashu, Jay, Kamimura, Adam, Arai, Chew, Aiylchieva, Das, Kasmamytov, Mera, Uzokwe, Kodama

Talks on the ccTLD domain governance of each country. Discussions on the governance entity, domain organization, and Internet security policy.

Das and Chew presented their studies on security evaluation. Collaboration between them would be useful for their study and our project.

2009 workshop September workshop will be held just for preparation for IGF and no (or few) number of foreign specialist will be invited. For IGF, Adam-sensei had done a great contribution to arrange the workshop and seek the panels. We will concentrate on the workshop in this summer. After the IGF, maybe in January or February (precise date should be chosen), after-IGF conference will be held, Mikami-sensei proposed. In the next meeting, plans for those workshops shall be discussed. Next meeting, at NUT on 17th July, from 15:00-18:00′, ‘Minute of the 3rd CDG 2009 meeting at NUT June, 18.’

Posted on 2009-6-18