- Meeting Report from ICANN and conversation with Josh Rowe

- Report by Garth Bruen on ccTLD

Kamimura-san’s talk was on ICANN meeting in Sydney. IDN ccTLD was discussed in a public forum. ICANN asked ccTLD holders to pay the fee for IDN installment

Josh Rowe did a comprehensive survey on name space across the ccTLDs and proposes an evaluation framework of goodness of name space labels

From him, we have got a new source for domain name labels

Garth Bruen from KunjOn.com reported a survey of WHOIS policy. They evaluate appropriate administration based on some respects: responsibility of the ccTLD administrator, public/private WHOIS, open/closed policy

And new findings from ccTLD price survey by GLOCOM

2009 workshop

IGF Nov. at Sharm el Sheikh.

The workshop may be held in the second day and integrated into the other workshop. The workshop will be 2 hours long.

Small workshop on 18th September, talking on the IGF workshop

Workshop in January or February at Tokyo

ITU report on WSIS targets

Mikami-sensei received from an ITU person a mail in which he requested Mikami-sensei to cooperate with their project. They needed reports on the themes with which they are not so familiar. NUT would participate in this report.

Minutes of 4th CDG meeting (17th July at NUT 15:00-18:00)