Adam-sensei’s visit to St Kitts and Nevis in August

St. Kitts and Navis is a Caribbean country and There was a C(Caribbean)-IGF by CTU Adam-sensei attended. Policy frameworks made by CTU is on discussion. As it may be useful, five policy areas are shown below:

– Physical structure

– Logical structure

– Content

– Public awareness and capacity building

– Research

Second theme is local content and IXPs. Local content is under heavy influence of North America and against this, importance of local content is advocated. Local peers are, despite the growth of local Internet markets induced by the deregulation and introduction of competition, still not enough and their growth is an urgent matter. Government’s encouragement to private companies is needed to ensure the local peer development.

Thinking of relation between CTU and ccTLDs, ccTLD policy is an important matter. ccTLD stakeholders tend to regard policy making as a sovereign issue. There is also some concern between ITU and CTU.

Workshop will be held on the second day, 16th , from 16:30 to 18:00. Workshop themes are already uploaded to the site and can be seen from the following URI:

Review of JST scheduled on 5th Oct. The deadline for report submission is 24th Sept

Progress report by Kamimura-sensei was presented. The report was circulated (?) updated according to comments. The presentation on 5th Oct will be translated into English and circulated. Please wait for the next month.

The next meeting will be on 23th Oct. at Urasa IUJ from 10:30 am

Minutes of 5th CDG meeting (18th September at GLOCOM 14:00-18:00)

Posted on 2009-10-11