Attendants: Yoshiki Mikami, Jay Rajasekera, Keisuke Kamimura, Ashu Marasinghe, Shigeaki Kodama, Chew, Ohnmar, Das


  1. CDG conference
  2. Action plan of 2010
  3. APRICOT 2010

1. CDG conference

Guest list

Humanan Riza (BPPTIIPTek-Indonesia) Eric (LACTLD)
Solomon Afarafa (Addis Ababa Univ; PAN-Africa) Cannot define yet

Section I (start at 13:00 pm)

  • Management principle of ccTLD by Keisuke Kamimura
  • Introduction to CDG Index by Yoshiki Mikami

Section II (start at 14:00 pm)

  • Issues on CDG by each guest

Section end (17:00 pm)

Yoshiki Mikami:

  • What is the presentation title?
  • Presentation and discussion should be “Implementation of Research/Idea (Social Implementation)
  • Model of implementation of research should be tested by real ccTLD mangers
  • 1st half of symposium : presentation details

2nd half of symposium: general discussions

2. Action plan of 2010

  • How do we do social implementation?

Yoshiki Mikami:

  • Model of ccTLD charter in IDNs
    • Conventional management
    • Relegation
    • IDN registration and problems
    • We have linguistic tools, that can be fixed into new IDNs

Keisuke Kamimura:

  • Discussing about .jp and .nihon IDNs
  • Criteria of IDNs & proposal
  • Keep on track it

Ashu Marasinghe:

  • .lk for IDNs, who will?

Chew San

  • If domain manager use our data/tools, we will get their feedback
  • If we can do to measure IDNs

3. APRICOT 2010 (23 Feb – 5 March, Malaysia)

-        What is the impact to ccTLD?

Jay Rajasekera:

  • Domain management
  • ccTLD security and SSR draft paper
  • online survey to ccTLD manager

Keisuke Kamimura:

  • How does it look in SSR improving?

Yoshiki Mikami:

  • data is too general

Das San:

  • After collecting survey, data from online, can do better conclusion.

Chew San:

  • Table data is a snapshot
  • How to make ranking?
  • Phishing ranking, how to find out?

Das San:

  • Source from APWG (used for ranking)

Yoshiki Mikami:

  • To check JPA documents
  • If JPA has tool, we can implement and evaluate and send feedback to them

Jay Rajasekera:

  • Piracy case?

Yoshiki Mikami:

  • How the people do piracy?
  • To check and find out relevant documents

Keisuke Kamimura:

  • Affiliation  of commitment (AOC)
  • Measurement methodology of SSR
  • Definition of SSR giving by ICANN?
  • Available Kyoto workshop PPT online

Yoshiki Mikami:

  • Who is responsible to SSR?
  • We can join as a stakeholder
  • Just SSR security is not enough…?
  • We can learn from others and we can do in different
  • What is SSR analyst?
  • Security ranking: keyword should be service to local community
  • 3 points
    • Economic of domains
    • Better service to local community
    • Security issues
  • Economic of domains
    • Analysis (e.g. affordability)
  • Better service to local community
    • Especially for small domain
    • Indicator can produce some related measurement
      • How many domains in IDN?
      • Supporting tool to local?
    • Taking advantage of LOP, we can provide local language context to utilize in IDNs for…
    • Set of principle to local service managers, adopting on principle
  • Security
    • Key is SSR
    • Find out the relevant with SSR
    • Vulnerability/security SSR (to find out connection between SSR and ranking)
  • Das San to do
    • Measurement
    • Principle
    • Implementation