Date: April 28, 2010

Venue: Nagaoka University of Technology

Attendants: Yoshiki Mikami, Jay Rajasekera, Adan Peake, Keisuke Kamimura, Shigeaki Kodama,Chew, Ohnmar

Agenda: Research Plan for project final year 2010

* Chew San explained about crawling experiments

o Important date: 6th July for next review final
o Crawling history and data analysis
o Planning of yearly crawling experiment will be on November and December of the year

* Yoshiki Mikami: IDN

o How to obtain IDN list from www
o No of domain in each ccTLD counting is essential

* Keisuke Kamimura: Suggestion
o Search IDN information on register websites and statistics
+ Show example in .br

* Yoshiki Mikami: IDN
o Start to crawl in Asia ccTLDs without C,J, K
o To start sample with .hk and .tw crawling ASAP

* Adan Peake
o Discuss about IGF 2010

+ Giganet

* Yoshiki Mikami: Next CDG Board meetings
o Date: 4th June 2010
o Time: 1:00 PM
o Place: GLOCOM, Tokyo
o Additional meeting on 28th June 2010
+ Time: 3:00 PM
+ Place: GLOCOM, Tokyo