CDG is sponsered by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX). The JST RISTEX programme aims to improve our understanding of governance in the ubiquitous information society. It is oriented to social technology (technology and society) and includes broad programmes examining social vulnerabilities such as security and privacy and the pervasive use of ICTs, and the challenges of use and growth of the Internet.

Country Domain and Well-Being of the Internet

Country Domain Governance (CDG) is an international collaboration which aims to map out the matrix of roles and responsibilities that should be undertaken by various stakeholders in order to maintain the well-being of the Internet. The project particularly focuses on country domains, ccTLDs because our earlier studies show that inappropriate or malicious use of the internet, such as spam pages and phishing sites, tends to be observed in poorly managed country domains.


CDG will develop a methodology for profiling web pages, and provide stastical analysis of web pages residing in each country domain to evaluate the relationship between the occurance of inappropriate and malicious use and the ‘domain of residence’.

The project will also provide a comparative study of the operation and management of country domains. The study will include administrative structure, technical management, relationships with other stakeholders, business model and social outreach for each country domain.

The study will being with smaller island country domains in the Pacific, but will later extend to other parts of the world.

Expected Outcomes

Throughout the project terms, CDG will keep sharing its findings at an international forum such as the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in order to draw public attention to this issue. When completed, the project is expected to deliver a CDG Maturity Index which measures the level of governance of a country domain, and a Model TLD Charter which formalizes new principles and guidelines at the TLD level. These tools, in align with existing work of APTLD and ccNSO, will hopefully contribute to reducing the uncertainty that may underlie country domains.

The governance of country domains is an important issue in which all Internet users share equal stake in order to realize a globally secure, safe and reliable ubiquitous network.

Core Members

Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan)
Yoshiki Mikami
Marasinghe Chandrajith Ashuboda
Naohisa Murakami
Takashi Yukawa
Katsuko Nakahira, T.
International University of Japan
Jay Rajasekera
Concordia University College of Alberta (Canada)
Pavol Zavarsky
Center for Global Communications (Japan)
Adam Peake
Keisuke Kamimura
Takashi Shintani


Yoshiki Mikami
Nagaoka University of Technology
Keisuke Kamimura
Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM)