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「エンジニア心得帖」 川上正光

1. Engineer should be honorable as a human. He (She) should always refine his (her) conscience for that.

2. 独創と奉仕を常に心がけねばならない。
2. Engineer should always have the spirit of originality and service.

3. Engineer should be a thoroughgoing professional. He (She) should know his (her) position clearly and wipe away his (her) emotional dependence as a student. Although high grade may be the priority in school days, he (she) should know that usually originality, concentration and leadership proceed to his (her) grade in society.

4. Engineer should fully cultivate his (her) sense of economy. He (She) should know about merit and demerit of selling on net price, on the installment plan and on lease and so on.

5. Engineer should try to become a multistage man. Someone (1) told that excellent rocket was a multistage type of rocket, and man should also shoot into multistage. It has been well said because he (she) often changes his (her) post in his (her) life.

6. Engineer should “give priority to credit.” In ancient time it was said, “Stock credit in the world till fifty years old, and then money will naturally accumulate.” It is almost the same now. “Though he (she) should avoid to be boastful and to be arrogant, it is one virtue of him (her) to ask and to believe himself (herself). If he (she) thinks he (she) is poor he (she) will fall into poverty. ” (A chapter of a letter of Mr. Yukichi Fukuzawa to his child) These are the prerequisite conditions to be a reliable person. Do for others without expecting any reward. “Judgment is God’s work.” It’s God who praise and punish.

7. Engineer needs love for others and an indomitable spirit.

8. Engineer should have pride and responsibility.

9. 常にalternativeを考えるように心がけよう。日本人はとかく、一つの型しか考えない習性をもっている。ところが物事はたいていの場合多様性があるものである。
9. Engineer should always try to think alternative. Japanese people have a habit common to think only one type. There is generally a multiplicity for things.

10. 人の使い方、使われ方エンジニアは人を使ったり、使われたりするのが一般である。このことは実社会においては実に大切なことであるにもかかわらず、学校時代には、大切であるということの注意も。
10. How to handle a man and how to be handled by a man. It is general for an engineer to handle a man and to be handled by a man. Although it is very important in the world, it is unnatural to be warned it in school days. Some years after I had entered a company I was at a loss to handle the section of technology and of test at the same time because I had not prepared mentally. After worrying for long I came to a conclusion as follows: I can do only what no one can do any more under the condition given to me. This was the conclusion then and it has not changed yet.

Translated by 安達和美 (ADACHI KAZUMI)
長岡技術科学大学 三上研究室 
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Title:TYPVS ORBIS TERRARVM, Main Author:Abraham Ortelius, 1570

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