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Catalan community acquired a new domain

Zaidi reported at LOP's Friday seminar that Catalan community has acquired a new top level domain ".cat". The decision was made last year by ICANN [1]. The sponsor of the domain is puntCAT ( It is a good news for minority language communities in the world that specific language communities found a way to get their own domain names for their exclusive use.

When a new ICANN policy was announced to accept a request for proposal for such new domains, ten new TLDs were proposed, but only one of them came from language specific sponsors [2].

[1] ICANN Special Meeting of the Board Preliminary Report, 15 September 2005
[2] ICANN Announcement, "Progress in Process for Introducing New Sponsored Top-Level Domains", 19 March 2004.
[3] New sTLD RFP Application by puntCAT, 19 March 2004.

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